Acivico produces an economical solution for the re-purposing of modular buildings

A fresh new look for part of the school estate at Boldmere School has this week been unveiled. Created by the Acivico architecture division, the innovative 3D prismatic cladding design has provided an economical solution for the revitalisation of the existing modular accommodation within the school estate.

The cost of managing and refurbishing a school estate has never been more pertinent to the ever tightening school budget. In response to these cost considerations, the refurbishment of the modular accommodation now offers a solution to the school’s additional 24 SEN space requirements. The facilities are complimented with the required associated accommodation for both the teaching and sensory requirements of the pupils.

Previously exclusively reserved for traditional buildings, the architectural design our team have utilised has produced a visually stimulating solution to the accommodation’s aesthetics. They have succeeded in achieving the conversion of what was once deemed to be temporary low quality emergency accommodation for students, into a future proof, permanent space, designed to withstand the next 40 years.