#AciviCommunity began life as an idea at a staff social media workshop earlier in the year in which there was a group debate around  corporate social responsibility. 

It was discussed how as an organisation we can put our values to good use in support of worthy causes to work towards the greatergood. Activities may include local community projects, charities that are close to our heart or causes we feel strongly about such as caring for the homeless, the elderly or nurturing young people.

Contributing to such causes is not only personally rewarding, but in a business setting can enable us  establish common ground with stakeholders or individuals in other companies who identify with our ways of working  – paving the way for a rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship.

Since the early concept we have developed our #Acivicommunity program of activities and we will be sharing our journey as we go along….

In the meantime take a look at our #Gracietakesover twitter campaign back in July when our work experience student Gracie turned into the Acivico roving reporter by taking over our twitter account to share her adventures.

If you would like to tell us about causes you volunteer or support who you think may be interested in working with Acivico please share your stories and ideas with us by contacting community@acivicogroup.co.uk