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You can apply to Acivico Registered Building Control Approver at any stage in the design process and early consultation is encouraged.  If you are about to commence work on-site we ask that we have 10 working days before the building work starts.  This allows us to submit the statutory notice required for us to undertake the building control function on your project.  Our applications are valid for three years before any work has to start on site.

If you require a fee proposal this can be provided upon request, we can even provide the quote after the submission of our Initial Notice if time is important.   You can request a fee proposal by contacting us at

Acivico Registered Building Control Approver offers services to clients who propose to undertake building work outside of Birmingham City boundaries. To allow us to proceed with your instructions you will need to complete our form.  Our appointment process is online, is easy to use and all the associated documents can be attached for submission at the same time.  For those using Acivico Registered Building Control Approver for the first time, you will need to quickly register but this is easy and straightforward.

 Submit an application and appoint Acivico Registered Building Control Approver  

After the submission of the appointment, we will submit the Initial Notice immediately.

Using our submission portal provides you with many additional features such as an Registered Building Control Approver client account, a project documents folder and no limit on submitted file size.  We therefore recommend this service, alternatively, you can appoint us by simply completing the form provided at the following link Registered Building Control Approver Appointment Form and email it (with associated documents) to

For projects within Birmingham City boundaries, building control services are offered by Acivico via our LABC services and a statutory application is made to the city.  Please use the main menu to transfer to our Acivico Building Consultancy webpage or email us at and we will sort this for you.

Acivico Registered Building Control Approver

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