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Acivico Approved Inspectors are corporately approved by the Construction Industry Council (CICAIR) to act as providers of Building Control and Building Regulation Consultancy Services.  We are based centrally in Birmingham and can offer services across the whole of England from our modern city centre offices.

We have a tight knit, approachable team of highly professional directly employed consultants based in Birmingham, qualified by either the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE), Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE).  All our consultants can call upon a vast amount of experience gained both within the private and public sectors.

Our proactive service can be provided across all sectors and our specialist experience includes High-Rise Residential and Residential Student Accommodation, Major Retail and Commercial developments, Health Care and Hospitals, Education (both schools and universities), Industrial and Large Logistics projects together with Ministry of Defence and HM Custodial developments.

We are founded on the principles that our purpose is to assist clients achieve compliance with the Building Regulations and to deliver this in a collaborative and proactive manner.  We aim to offer a professional service with transparent procedures providing clients with value for money.


Approved Inspector Services


Acivico Approved Inspectors have proven experience in Building Regulations consultancy and service provision to developers, architects and contractors, and can be called upon to give development advice at all stages from pre-application feasibility, detailed design and construction all aligning with the RIBA Plan of Work.

Key Features of our Service Delivery – Design Stage:

  • Preliminary advice on all aspects of the design concerning Building Regulations, including the provision of an initial Building Regulations compliance report or tracker document
  • Attendance at design meetings including site meetings if required
  • Submission of Section 47 Notice to the relevant Local Authority
  • Consultation with the local Fire Service and local Water Authority
  • Post submission, Building Regulation design advice throughout the life of the project
  • Structural check by our own Acivico Engineers
  • Full Building Regulation assessment of plans
  • Issue of Plan Certificate when appropriate

Key Features of our Service Delivery – Construction Stage:

  • Agreed site inspections (foundations, below ground drainage, dpc, fire safety elements etc.)
  • Copies of site notes to be sent to the contractor and nominated design team member after each inspection
  • Inspection of work which, in the opinion of Acivico, constitute unusual designs or methods of construction
  • Inspection of work relating to fire safety
  • Inspection of any type of work, construction, equipment, or material which could, if not verified, cause defects which would, in the opinion of Acivico, be seriously detrimental to the fundamental purposes of the Building Regulations and the client
  • Suitable inspections at commissioning stage of mechanical and electrical installations
  • Final sign off when appropriate and issue of a Final Certificate

Registration and Insurance


Construction Industry Council Approved Inspector Register can be found here.

Notice of Approval can be found here.

Declaration of Insurance can be found here.

Appointment Terms and Conditions can be found here.


Safeguarding the Impartiality of Building Control Bodies


Acivico Traded Services Limited are committed to following the guidance published by the Building Control Alliance relating to the independence of Approved Inspectors.  Regulation 9 of the AI Approved Inspector Regulations titled Independence of approved inspectors sets out that ‘Approved Inspectors shall have no professional or financial interest in the work they supervise’.  This Regulation is intended to address the potential for conflict of interest occurring during the building control approval process.  The underlying principle of the building control process being an independent third party check is paramount.

You may download a copy of this guidance note here.


Industry Guidance and Technical Information


Construction Industry Council Approved Inspector Register:

Building Control Alliance:


Approved Documents:


Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE):



Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS):


Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE):


Approved Inspector’s Linkedin.


Appointment of Acivico Approved Inspectors - Appoint Us


You can apply to Acivico Approved Inspectors at any stage in the design process but we ask that we have 10 working days before the works start on site.  This will enable us to submit the statutory notice required which allows us to undertake the building control function on your project. Our applications are valid for three years before any work needs to start on site.

Acivico Approved Inspectors offer services to clients who propose to undertake building work outside of Birmingham City boundaries. To allow us to proceed with your instructions we will need our appointment form completing.  Our appointment process is online and requires minimal information to proceed and all the associated documents can be easily attached for submission at the same time.

To submit your application and appoint us to for your project please click on the link below.  The form will appear in a pop-up window so please check these are allowed by your browser. (If this is your first time using Acivico Approved Inspectors please keep reading below for relevant instruction)

Submit an application and appoint Acivico Approved Inspectors  

Following submission of this we will be able to submit the Initial Notice immediately.  If you require a fee proposal this can be provided after submission of these details to us or you can request a fee proposal in advance by contacting us at approved.inspectors@acivicogroup.co.uk

For those using Acivico Approved Inspectors for the first time, before using the submission portal there is a need to quickly register but this is easy and straight forward.  The registration can be completed using this link.

Submission portal first-time registration

Using our submission portal provides you with many additional features such as an Approved Inspectors Client Account, our project documents folders and no limit on submitted file size.  We therefore recommend this service, alternatively, you can appointment us by simply completing the form provided at the link below and email it (with associated documents) to approved.inspectors@acivicogroup.co.uk.

For projects within Birmingham City boundaries building control services are offered by Acivico via our LABC services and a statutory application is made to the City.  Please use the main menu to transfer to our Acivico Birmingham webpage.

Alternatively, you can book an appointment with us directly by completing and return our appointment form. The appointment form can be completed using the link below.

Approved Inspector Appointment Form


Contact Acivico Approved Inspectors


Email:  approved.inspectors@acivicogroup.co.uk

Telephone: 0121 303 6074

Post:   PO Box 17212 Louisa House

92-93 Edward Street


West Midlands

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Alternatively, fill out the Contact Us form below:

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