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Strategic Asset Management


Strategic Asset Management


Maximising the value of your property assets across your estate is becoming ever increasingly important to our clients.  Our team of Chartered Surveyors will work with key stakeholders across your organisation to develop and implement your strategy, aligned to your objectives.

Our approach to developing a strategic property asset management (SPAM) framework for clients generally follows eight main steps as shown in the diagram below.


Information gathering: Gather key documents and relevant information.

Information Review: Review key documents to pull out key aims and objectives/deliverables associated with property asset management for consideration within the workshops.

Draft SPAM policy and principles: Develop draft asset management principles and policies in preparation for workshop.

Facilitated workshops: Presentation and workshop with stakeholders.

Draft SPAM policy documentation: Based on the facilitated workshop and corporate documentation develop outline AMP Policy documents.

Service engagement: Discussion with property representatives and key services mainly to develop contents of strategy part of documentation.

Draft SPAM strategy documentation: Write outline AMS based on above.

Draft SPAM action plan: Develop asset management action plan.